this carrd contains everything about the malisian label!

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what is the malisian label?
malisian (pronounced muh-lee-zee-uhn) is a term exclusive to black people who identify outside of the gender binary.

who created the label?
the malisian label and flag were created by twitter user @vadacult on September 1st, 2021. (I am currently suspended unfortunately, I will make a new public page soon)

what is its purpose?
the malisian label was coined to create a space of inclusivity for black people who are non-binary and otherwise genderqueer due to our constant exclusion from non-binary spaces. it is also meant to honor the genderqueer identities of our african roots before colonization, and to acknowledge the difference in genderqueerness for black people due to the antiblack implications of the eurocentric gender binary.


etymology of malisian
the term malisian is derived from the west african deity mawu-lisa, who is the fusion between the female moon goddess, mawu, and the male sun god, lisa. mawu and lisa combined into a singular androgynous being, the fusion between day and night. mawu-lisa is commonly portrayed as having both male and female gender, or having no gender entirely.

flag meaning

  • dark purple - having no gender or rejection of gender itself

  • purple - gender with zero connection to the eurocentric binary

  • light purple - having many or all genders

  • beige - peace and union between people of african descent

  • sun and moon symbol - the union between day and night, and between masculine and feminine energies

  • light brown - gender nonconformity

  • brown - black femininity and masculinity

  • dark brown - black excellence


"if i'm (blank gender) can i use this term?"
all black people who do not identify as the binary genders of man or woman may use this term.

"if i'm a poc can i use this term?"
if you are non-black you MAY NOT use the malisian label. it is exclusive to black people only, not poc in general. please respect our spaces.

"if i'm mixed can i use this term?"
if you are of significant black descent you may use this term. if you are not mixed with black, or your only black relative is your great great grandma, you MAY NOT use the malisian label.

"if i'm a nonblack body with a black alter may i use this term?"
if the body of your system is not black you MAY NOT use this term.

"can i still use the original nbry flag while also using the malisian flag?"
yes! you can use both flags.

"doesn't it sound too close to malaysian?"
no, it is pronounced “muh-lee-see-uhn. not “muh-lay-zhun”.

"can i make a flag for other poc?"
the fact that you only felt the need to make a flag for other poc was after you saw one for black inclusivity just goes to show that nonblack poc cannot let us have our own positivity and activism without co-opting it for themselves. this flag was made because white people AND nonblack poc ignore us. its sad that you guys never feel the need to include yourself until a black person excludes you from black positive spaces. that’s all imma say ab that. i cant stop you from making a flag but think ab your internalized antiblackness please.